Horizon coal delivers the coal it imports from Africa and Russia to all corners of Turkey based on the principles of quality and reliability. 

Our company, which offers you the high-calorie coals of the leading brands in the sector with reasonable price and reliable service quality, has taken its respected and permanent place in the sector in a short time. Horizon coal, which can respond instantly to your heating needs throughout its service life, offers the coals imported from the most elite mines of Russia and Africa to its valued customers with its experience and continues its activities with the excitement of the first day.

Horizon coal, which considers ease of use as well as price and quality, has reached the peak in a short time with its determination to achieve the difficult as well as valuing its customers from the first moment it was established and has never compromised its principles.

Working with the principles of continuous customer satisfaction, on-time product delivery, quality, and trust, Horizon Coal will continue to serve you and be your heat source in the future as it is today with your close attention and support.